This Was An Interesting Article -- READ -- "Skiing and marijuana: do they mix?" from

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While doing some research on the various pieces of ski news that are out there, I came across this article that poses an interesting question.

In the article titled "Skiing and marijuana: do they mix?", the staff at take a look at that question from the point of view of Colorado. It is a short article but does give a little bit of insight into the most famous recreational marijuana state in the U.S. which also could be argued as being the ski capital of the U.S.

This article has also inspired me to take a look at the same question but from the point of view of Vermont. Not only is Vermont where I grew up, but also legalized recreational use of marijuana in 2018.

So, as you read the article below, think about if a similar article from a Vermont state of mind would be interesting to you. Also, if you have anything you would like to add, don't hesitate to do so here or on the Ski Rex Media Facebook page.

Skiing and marijuana: do they mix? - DU Clarion

Winter is well underway in Colorado; with unparalleled slopes and countless options for snowy mountain getaways, Colorado has acquired quite a reputation for being a home base for skiers and snowboarders across the United States and the world. Colorado has also acquired a reputation for its legalization of recreational marijuana, which may cause many to wonder: can the two be enjoyed together?


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