WATCH -- A Short Video Piece About Record Setting Skiers Hilaree Nelson And Jim Morrison

It was last fall that a couple from Telluride made the climb the took them into the record books.

Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison made the trek up the world's fourth highest peak, Lhotse in the Himalayas. Topping out at close to 28,000 feet, this is an adventure that can end lives very quickly. But, the pair was able to not only make it to the top but to be the first people to ski down it as well.

In the piece from CBS News, the couple talks about what it was like to prepare for the trip and what it meant to both of them as a couple and individually.

As with anything, they have their reasons and feelings for taking on such an adventure. For those of us who are spectators, we can show nothing but respect for this accomplishment, with maybe a little jealousy for the kinds of lines they found and what could be called the most unique first descent there has ever been.


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