Wicked Crash By Daichi Hara At Men's Dual Moguls World Championships

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There are two wonderful sights at any mogul competition. The ability of the athletes to make those turns over the bumps, making it look almost effortless even though it can be quite punishing to the athlete. The second sight is the jumps that add the freestyle flair to this or any event. Japanese skier Daichi Hara is quite skilled at both of these things, although he went a little too big during the dual moguls event Sunday.

In a race with Bradley Wilson, U.S.A., Hara was moving well through the moguls, beginning to overtake Wilson. Though, the speed appears to be a little too much, as one could see right before the second jump of the course. Hara can be seen getting a little sketchy as he approaches the jump. However, he was still moving more than fast enough to go way too big off the jump, resulting in the need to tuck and attempt to add a second backflip to his jump.

Although hitting the snow incredibly hard and losing equipment as he rolled away from the point of impact, Hara is able to stand up and slide away from the finishing area. He didn't suffer any serious injury from the fall.

If one looks closely, it appears that Hara actually crosses the finish line before Wilson. However, a double backflip is against competition rules, so Hara received a DNF for the run. But, he was still able to make a bit of a comeback before the night was over. He was able to throw down a beautiful run against Sweden's Walter Wallberg for a bronze meal finish.


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