A First In Ladies' Moguls -- WATCH -- Olivia Giaccio Throws A Cork 1080

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It is always a wonderful thing to see when a competitor doesn't' waste a run. Sure, the run might not have gone the way they hoped. Maybe the athlete made a mistake that they just can't recover from. But then that athlete gets up and finished the run anyway, even better when they finish in a blaze of glory.

Young American mogul competitor Olivia Giaccio did just that during a world cup competition. After a rough landing on the upper jump, Giaccio paused for a minute to regain her footing. She continued her run, which would not help her in the standings. However, much to the surprise of the commentators and the crowd, she went big on the lower jump throwing a cork 1080! She didn't land it very clean, but it was still a sight to behold.

Not only was this an example of what these younger competitors, and this goes for all disciplines, are going to do to set a new bar when it comes to what can and can not be done in competition, but a level of sportsmanship that all athletes should have. No yelling, no throwing a tantrum, but taking the opportunity to show what one could be made of.


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