A Skier Was Rescued From Burt Ravine, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Mt. Washington, NH -- Credit: wwoods [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

People love to head to Mt. Washington for what could be called the best backcountry skiing and riding that New England has to offer. However, this past Wednesday. March 13, one skier ended up getting stranded in Burt Ravine.

According to New Hampshire Fish & Game, 20-year-old Sean Bagdon was skiing the ravine when he encountered icy conditions that left him stranded in the ravine. Bagdon was not prepared for this scenario and was not carrying crampons, and ice ax, or any other equipment that would allow him to rescue himself.  He was able to get a skiing companion to call 911 for rescue at approximately 6:15 PM.

Fish & Game Conservation Officers and a volunteer from the Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue made their way to the area via snowmobile along the Cog Railway, then hiking the rest of the way to meet up with Bogdon's companion, who then led the rescuers to the scene.

The rescuers then used ropes and a harness to get Bagdon out of the ravine. They all arrived back at the Cog Railway parking lot at approximately 11 PM.


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