Another Great Red Bull Video -- WATCH -- "Snowboarding The Ultimate Pump Track | w/ Pierre Vaultier"

I have seen more than my share of mountain bike and BMX riders use pump tracks. It's fairly common in those sports, both at indoor and outdoor parks. It is not a common sight to see someone building and using one at a ski resort.

In this video, which is more of a mini-documentary than just a rider edit, Red Bull shows the dream of rider Pierre Vaultier come to life on a 250-meter snowboard pump track.

The track itself is visually striking and almost doesn't look real, even after watching the crew build and shape it. Vaultier makes the track look like an easy ride, though he does describe the challenges of riding such a line. This also includes footage of the rider taking a fall on top of one of the features.

All and all, the video is wonderful, not only showing the prowess of a pro rider but the abilities of the team that built this surreal run.


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