Another Pond Skimming Fail, But This One Could've Gone Horribly Wrong

Credit: Jacob Ellison/Instagram (@easycruzin)
I think we have all seen a few pond skimming biffs this year. It comes with the territory. However, this pile-up of snowboarders leans more towards the uglier side of pond skimming biffs.

It obviously wasn't too bad. Everyone involved was able to get out of the water and walk away it seems. But, watch near the end of the video. The next to last rider goes down in typical pond skim fashion. Though he almost lost his head in not so typical pond skim fashion. The last rider came so close to the downed rider that the edge on the board almost slit the downed rider's throat. Okay, that may be a little dramatic, but watch and see for yourself. This could have gone horribly wrong.

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