Any History Buffs Out There? -- READ -- "The Origins of Skiing? | 8,000 Years Ago…" by Miles Clark

Credit: Cactus26 (talk) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I have always enjoyed learning about history, which includes the history of just about anything. It seems only fitting that I find and share a little something about ski history.

In this article, written by Miles Clark (@Miles_Clark) and posted on Snow Brains, we get a short overview about the ancient history of skiing.

I think a lot of us know that the sport came out of Scandinavia and was for more practical uses than sport or recreation. But, did you know that some of the earliest records of the sport date back to 6,300 B.C.?

If you are interested in a few more fun facts about ancient skiing, continue on to the link below.

The Origins of Skiing? | 8,000 Years Ago...

Featured Article The exact origins of skiing are a bit murky, but one thing is clear. Skiing was originally designed to create movement . In ancient times, skiing was about getting from A to B on snow efficiently. Walking in deep snow was exhausting, snow shoes were OK, but skis were king.


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