Colorado Locals -- I-70 Has Been Taking A Beating, Huh?

Credit: @JeremyHubbard
Interstate 70 through Colorado is a pretty famous piece of highway. This highway reaches the highest point in the interstate system, leading to ski destinations whose legends are rivaled only by the legendary amount of traffic the road sees during the winter.

If there is a mountain highway that leads to skiing, that highway is going to be in line to take a little bit of a whooping from mother nature. Yesterday, a series of avalanches came down toward the road.

During these avalanches, all of which were reported to be natural, some drivers of the I-70 were able to get videos of the events, which have been reaching near viral status.

From another news outlet, there was this report which includes another video of one of the avalanches. This time, it looks as if some of the debris made it onto the road.

At this time there have been no serious injuries reported from any of the highway avalanches. There was a time that the interstate was closed, but was reopened as soon as it was safe.


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