Could Indoor Skiing Finally Come To The U.S.?

Big Snow America, Meadowlands, NJ -- Credit: Z22 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
There just might be an indoor skiing facility coming to the U.S. However, it might not be in New Jersey like we all believed.

In a report by the Fairfax County Sports Tourism Task Force, the first indoor facility might pop in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The report outlined what it would take to get a project like this done and what to expect from the project. In this case, it would be a full indoor ski facility, 100-room hotel, and the possibility of a half pipe, which could help this facility become a year-round training center. Of course, this could also mean a large increase in area tourism.

The company looking to get the facility built is Snow World USA, an affiliate of Snow World, a company that has built several successful indoor ski facilities in Europe.

If the project in Virginia goes forward, this will be the first indoor facility in the United States. The honor was set to go to Big Snow America, which was part of the American Dream mall project in northern New Jersey. It was announced last summer that the mall and ski area would be open by March 2019, which has now come and gone with no opening. There has also been no answer from the company building Big Snow America if there will be an opening.


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