Happy 4th Of July Early -- Squaw Valley Is Staying Open Into July

Credit: Frolzart [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Here in the east, skiers and riders always look forward to the spring skiing days. It is a wonderful feeling to load up on the sunblock and ski in a t-shirt, sundress, or anything that is less than full winter gear. Though still a little chilly on some spring days, it is a great way to end the season. However, it sounds even better to ski in shorts and swimsuits into the summer. We can all end our season that way this year because out west the season doesn't end until we celebrate Independence Day!

Squaw Valley announced yesterday that, weather and conditions permitting, they are extending their season until July 7. With almost 600 inches of snow, this puts them on par to make that goal with little issue. The schedule for the mountain is to stay open midweek and weekends until Memorial Day on May 27. After that, the mountain will stay open on weekends just past Independence Day.

It has also been announced that those who have picked up their Ikon Pass for the 2019-20 season can start skiing for free in April at Squaw Valley, which could get pass holders close to a three month bouns of skiing and riding.

It seems that we could all end our season in California. If the news itself doesn't get you a little pumped at the prospect of skiing on the 4th of July, watch the announcement video Squaw Valley released. It could get your mind racing with the possibilities.


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