No Damage From Maunakea Incident -- READ -- "Maunakea Skiing/Boarding Incident Investigation Finds No Damage" by Big Island Now

Snow On Maunakea - Credit: Eric Tessmer [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This past February there was an incident at Maunakea in Hawaii involving three people skiing down the mountain with no snow.  This caused a lot of local outrage concerning the land being considered sacred to local peoples and the damage that may have been done to the environment.

There has been some good news released about this story, however. In an investigation by the UH Hilo Office of Maunakea Management, it has been found that there was no damage done to land in any way, including cultural or archaeological.

There is also talk about better ways to manage the area to make sure that another incident happens in this area. Since the incident took place, those rides involved have apologized for their actions and the video of their actions has been removed from online outlets.

For more information on this report, please follow the link below from local media source Big Island Now.

Maunakea Skiing/Boarding Incident Investigation Finds No Damage

An investigation into three individuals using skis and snowboards to travel down the snow-free summit area of Maunakea found that there was no damage to cultural, archaeological, natural or scientific resources. However, the report cited that the incident highlighted the need for administrative rules for public and commercial activities on University of Hawaiʻi managed lands on Maunakea, which the university is currently pursuing.


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