Ski Ballet The Moseley Way -- WATCH -- "Ski Ballet with Jonny Moseley" from Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn and Jonny Moseley really don't need an introduction, even when talking to someone who is only a casual fan of skiing. Even though both are retired, to have them both on a hill would be a sight to behold. This video does not disappoint but is not what one could expect when having these two on skis.

Ski ballet at one time was a demonstration sport in past winter Olympics and has had a following outside of the Olympics. To watch two of the top U.S. competitive skiers doing it is a wonderful thing. Clearly, Moseley knows his stuff and can throw down a little bit. Vonn will need more practice, but I say get it back into the Olympics as a demo. These two could be right back in the game.


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