Some Competition News From Over The Weekend -- 2019 Dummy Downhill At Mt. Ashland

The Winner - Credit: Mt. Ashland/Facebook
I have kept up with competition news over the years, mostly from the larger, more well-known names like the F.I.S. or the X-Games. Over this past season, however, I have started to discover other competitions from around the country. I wish I knew about this one beforehand.

 It was this past Saturday that the 2019 Dunny Downhill took place at Mt. Ashland, OR. It looks to bring out the more creative folks that have a passion for skiing and a lot of the dummies did not disappoint.

As you can see, the only limit to design in one's imagination, though the dummies do have to stay under a weight limit of 125 pounds and be mounted to skis or a snowboard. The competition itself is judged part on creativity, part on making it down the run and to the jump, and a tiny part of the crash at the end.

Sounds like a good time and I hope that some of the Oregon locals have heard about this and were able to make it out to watch. If not, here is a local news report from KDRV Channel 12 out of Medford, OR.


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