Sometimes You Need More Style Than A Helicopter -- WATCH -- "First Ever Zeppelin Ski Drop" From Redbull

Heli-skiing is a wonderful thing. By using a helicopter a skier or rider can get to peaks much easier, and possibly more remote, than climbing up the side of a mountain. However, there comes a time when using the boring, old helicopter just isn't enough and style points come into play.

That is where Redbull comes in, in conjunction with big mountain freerider Fabian Lentsch and alpinists Stefan Ager and Andreas Gumpenberger. This team of big mountain pros was able to take a Zeppelin into the German Alps for their drop, making them the first ever to do so.

It can be said that this might be one of the most unique and beautiful ways to drop in for a run. There is just something about a blimp that makes the whole scene feel different, if not totally surreal. This is already one of the best shorts of the year.


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