The End Of An Era -- TransWorld SNOWboarding Comes To A Close

Credit: Paul Swansen [CC BY-ND 2.0]
For those who have followed the sport since its infancy, TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine was the place to go for all of the news the snowboarding world had to offer. This was a reputation that carried beyond the days of print-only media into the world of online and social media. However, as all good things do, this wonderful publication has come to an end.

The Transworld series of magazines and online media outlets were purchased by American Media Inc. this past February. This company has chosen to close up shop on those outlets, which covered various action sports. SNOWboarding ran for 32 years, closing out with the 32nd volume of the magazine, as well as their final film "Kamikazu" from last year.

Transworld SNOWboarding, as well as the other titles in the Transworld lineup, will be missed by anyone who follows these sports. But, we all will bid them a fond farewell and wish everyone involved good luck on their future endeavors. They folks at SNOWboarding also sent out a good-bye in the article below.

TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine: 1987 - 2019

For over three decades, TransWorld SNOWboarding maintained a steadfast commitment to curating of the sport's culture. From evangelizing the legitimacy of shredding in the outlaw 80s, to broadcasting snowboarding's place within the angsty counterculture of the 90s, to providing an authentic portrayal of the riding life even as the sport gained Olympic heights, we've been right there in print, online, and across social media.


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