This Guy Has Found A Way To Beat Ski Resort Traffic -- WATCH -- "Snowplay - Glacier and Skiing [Avid Flyer]

Now, this is a guy who knows how to beat the traffic and has found what has to be the best parking spot that anyone has ever found at a ski resort.

However, the video is so much more than watching a pilot be able to land a small plane next to a chair lift, though that was a sight to behold. No, this video is all about amazing visuals and working the versatility of a 360° camera.

Shot while flying through the French Alps, Fred Stork was able to capture a beautiful day from every angle at once. All the film footage was then put together as a work of art that any mountain lover should appreciate. I'm also sure that we, those of us that like to fly anyway, would all like to be able to skip the highways and parking lots and just get right to the hill.


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