This Is A Great Story -- READ -- "I Skied Jackson Hole's Famous Run 'Corbet's Couloir' and Ate It" by Henry McKenna

Corbet's Couloir, Jackson Hole, WY - Credit: Enricokamasa [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Corbet's Couloir is a run that has an almost legendary status here in the United States. Even for those of us who haven't been to Wyoming can identify the run from a picture. In the following article comes a story about taking a shot at the couloir.

I Skied Jackson Hole's Famous Run 'Corbet's Couloir' and Ate It

Skiing Corbet's Couloir is like booking a one-way ticket to South America (or actually pursuing a career in sports writing). The idea sounds nice. Someone or something piques your curiosity to give it a try. But then you've got to do it. And the execution is much harder and much scarier than you'd ever thought.

The thing I like more about this article is the sheer honesty of it. Author Henry McKenna doesn't hold back on his thoughts about the run, nor about how the run turned out for him. I feel that a great example of that is that McKenna says he didn't even make his biff epic. I almost wonder if anyone else has had a similar story when trying to tackle this run.


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