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Tip For West Virginia Locals -- Free Skiing At Three WV Resorts Sunday, March 17

Snowshoe Mt. Resort -- Credit: Devon McClellan [CC BY-2.0]
As spring approaches and the ski season in the east starts to wind down, residents of West Virginia can take advantage of a free ski day at one of three resorts.

To get onto the runs at Canaan Valley, Snowshoe, or Winterplace, all you have to do is present proof that you are a West Virginia local. For more information take a look at the article linked below or contact any of the mentioned resorts.

Free skiing at West Virginia resorts

The end of Winter is coming and that means a special opportunity for skiers and snowboarders in the Mountain State. Three resorts across West Virginia are offering a free day of skiing on Sunday, March 17, 2019. This is the last weekend before the first day of Spring on March 20.

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