Tom Brady Looks Over An Old Ski Video, Compares Technique To Lindsey Vonn

Credits: Vonn - U.S. Mission Korea [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Brady - Jeffrey Beall [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Tom Brady has more than proven his worth as a professional quarterback but has not always done so well proving himself on a ski slope. However, he is showing that he is a good sport and kind of a funny guy.

While doing what all quarterbacks do, he was doing some film review. As he reveals later on in the clip, which he posted to his Instagram, he is reviewing an old ski video in which he goes off a jump and completely biffs. I am sure we all remember the video in question.

During the clip, he moves onto some competition film of Lindsey Vonn, looking to find the answer as to why he fell, though I'm not sure her being on a way bigger hill with more speed is correct. Mr. Brady might want to check in with a ski pro before putting his theory to the test.

In any case, Tom Brady is clearly a good sport and just having a little fun with his old, viral ski clip. Watch now as the six-time Superbowl winner does his film review, comes up with the reason he biffed, and then wish him well if he puts that into action.


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