VIDEO -- Watch An Invisible Skier Tearing Up A French Mountain

That's right, you read the title correctly. The idea of an invisible skier may make you want to ski or ride France more, or it might scare you a little bit and make you want to ski there less. Take a look at this video from photographer/videomaker Robin Cretinon (@robin_cretinon) of a pair of boots and skis shredding a hill in Méribel, France.

Now, we have all seen enough behind the scenes and how to features to have a pretty good idea of how this was accomplished, so there is no reason to be afraid of an invisible skier. In fact, it would be surprising if this video didn't put a smile on your face. 

Speaking of behind the scenes, Cretinon did post a behind the scenes video to Instagram showing that this was made with the use of a green suit. We can all give the skier a bit of respect for braving the hill dressed in something that probably isn't that warm and is a tad revealing.


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