WATCH -- It's Probably Better I Found This Video At Night -- Contains Nudity, 18+

Usually, when I'm looking for videos or films that feature skiing, I'm not surprised by anything that I find. Then I came across this one that is a bit more on the artistic side of things.

This one features a model, on skis, getting painted in a very abstract way. Art is a subjective and I find most abstract art to be hit or miss. Now, that is my own opinion and you might like abstract more than any of the other sub-genres of painting. Then again, I feel like a few of you aren't even going to notice the paint...or the skis for that matter.

In any case, watch and enjoy. I don't know which resort this is, but the video does say that this is filmed in the Rhodope Mountains, which are in southeastern Europe, mostly in Bulgaria and crossing into Greece. Oh, I know that it is spring and all, but be careful if you think to try this at home. Hypothermia is not anything fun to deal with.


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