WATCH -- Teens Help Catch A Kid Falling From A Chairlift

Over the years I have seen people have issues with chairlifts, including two people in a group I was with getting stuck to the chair, riding around the bull wheel, and then falling from the chair. But, even that was nothing like this.

In my story, the two people who fell might have fallen six or seven feet, but according to this video, and from the look of it, the young boy was hanging from about 25 feet up.

The little boy was in luck that day, however. Several teenage skiers had a flash of near genius and were able to get some trail netting and pad to set up a makeshift net. After giving some instruction to the little boy, he was able to drop into the net and did not suffer any injury.

The teen heroes were rewarded by Grouse Mountain, the resort where the incident took place, with an extension of their season passes into next season.

For a full report, including interviews with the teenagers who caught the boy, watch the video below from the Global News Youtube channel.


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