WATCH -- Tom Brady Is Being True To His Word And Looking For More Speed In A New Video

Credit: Tom Brady/Facebook (@TomBrady)
It was just about a week ago that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady posted of video of himself doing some film review of his work. No, it wasn't a game film from this past Superbowl. It was a video of the quarterback biffing on a jump he posted two years ago.

Now, it was clear that Brady was doing this more for fun than anything else, but he did make a comment in this video about needing a bigger hill and way more speed. It would seem that he paid off on one those.

It has not been confirmed if Brady is the one with the camera or if he is one of three that are blasting down that run. But, whoever is on those skis, certainly has taken Brady's idea for more speed to heart and that has to be respected.

On a side note, it is worth it to go to the original video post and read those comments. It would seem that every Patriots fan in the world is begging and pleading for their favorite quarterback to sit down and not partake in such activities. Don't listen to them, Tom Brady! You get it!!!


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