When Snowboarding And Drift Cars Meet -- WATCH -- "Snowboarding Tricks & Rally Drifts" from Red Bull

The wonderful thing about Red Bull is the way they embrace action sports and then take them to another level, or at least try to be a little unique even if they don't go too big. This video is more on the unique side of things.

Taking place in the beautiful country of Finland, local snowboard pro Eero Ettala meets up with local rally driver Kalle Rovanperä on a winter rally track to do just what one would expect them to do. Actually, they even do a little bit that you might not expect them to do...with a rowboat.

In the end, Red Bull has put out a cute pairing of two action sports. Per usual, the visuals look great, which goes double this time with such a wonderful Scandinavian winter landscape. Just so it is said, the car is pretty sweet, too.


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