A Clip From HBO -- "Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel" Did A Piece On Extreme Sports Cameramen

We have all watched edits, videos, and films from some of our favorite action or extreme sports athletes. We watch in awe of the ability of the athlete featured and take in the beauty of the cinematography, but do we ever really think about the person holding the camera?

I can say that I don't always think of that person even though they, in that situation, would be equally as important as the person on film. With that in mind, the sports show "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel" has taken the opportunity to look into the life and times of some of these extreme camera people.

This video is only the preview, for obvious reasons. However, I'm sure that this would be a great feature to watch if you have access to HBO or when it is available by other means. It does seem extremely interesting just from this preview and I hope to get a chance to see it.


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