A Lesson In Clearing A Landing Area From Candide Thovex

Credit: Candide Thovex/Facebook
A freestyle skier known for his unique video edits and smooth riding style showed us all today why it is so important to make sure to keep clear from landing areas near jumps.

The video starts off in true Thovex style, with a fairly smooth run through a park. As Thovex usually does he makes this run look almost effortless, an example of the difference between know-how and talent. It is after a simple 360° jump that he makes contact with another skier that was in the landing area.

It's almost certain that Thovex was more than polite about the crash in person. Even the post on Facebook included "#sorryman", so it can be assumed that something similar was shared in person.

We were always taught to stay out of the landing area. Then, if one were to find themselves in a landing area to get out of it quickly. The, if one couldn't do that for any reason, do anything to let others around you know you are there so they can wave the rider off and help out the one in the landing area.


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