A New Speed Skiing Record Set -- Fastest Person On Skis Riding Switch

Anytime a skier looks to beat the record for the fastest skier it is a sight to see. The current record is 158.424 mph (254.958 kph) and was set by Ivan Origone in 2016. But, that was facing in the proper direction. The record that is going to be set here is being done backward.

In a segment from the "Keep The Line" web series from LINE Skis, French skier Quentin Ladame sets out to be the fastest skier in the world but riding switch. To avoid spoilers, his success or failure will not be written about here. However, there is a bonus to this video that has to be brought up.

After the attempts to make the world speed record while skiing switch, a second skier for the LINE team, Romain Lambert, heads up the hill with a pair of snowblades, which is something Ski Rex Media fully supports. That goes double when a speed record could be set on those, as well. Watch to see if this if Ladame and Lambert are able to make or break records in two unique ways.


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