Another Record Being Set For The Winter Of 2018/19 -- Purgatory Resort, CO

Credit: Purgatory Resort/Facebook (@skipurg)
It would seem the wicked awesome winter of 2018/19 has another ski resort not only extending their season, but that extension is setting a record for the mountain as well.

Purgatory Resort in Colorado has announced that it will be staying open into May, making this the first time in history the resort has been able to do so.

"This winter season has been a banner year for the resort: Purgatory picked up 359” –  nearly 30 feet – of snow this winter, a feat accomplished only two other times since the Durango-area ski resort opened in 1965."

Thanks to snow numbers like these, including March totals being over 100", which the mountain has not seen in 40 years, they get a couple extra weekends to play.

It is something they are not hiding either. This season extension is the big news at the Purgatory Resort website and on their social media pages.


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