Anyone Want To Ski With A Yeti? The Indian Army May Have You Covered

Bizarre Track, Possibly Yeti - Credit: ADG PI - Indian Army/Twitter (@adgpi)
We have all the legends and reports of various bigfoot creatures. To the namesake creature of the Pacific Northwest, to the Candian Wendigo, the Australian Yowie, and even a creature from Vermont named Slippery Skin. All of these creatures have another cousin, the Yeti, from the Himalayan region.

It would seem that the Yeti has made itself known to the Indian Army. Yesterday, April 29, footprints were found near the Makalu Bas Camp.

As no one could hide such a find, members of an Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition Team took to Twitter to show off what they found.

Is this a hoax, a mistake, or just the members of the Army having a good time? It may be a while before anyone knows for sure. The important thing is that it looks like they still have some snow over there. Maybe it would be a good place to continue for spring skiing and maybe even see a Yeti?


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