Beartooth Basin, Montana Needs The Help Of The Community

Credit: Beartooth Basin
Summer skiing, though present, is few and far between for those of us that live in the lower U.S. However, Beartooth Basin in Montana has always been a popular spot for those looking to continue the season into the summer. But, this year the summer destination needs the community's help to save the spirit of skiing.

Anyone who has been in the industry for more than five minutes knows that running a ski hill doesn't come cheap. It makes it very difficult for hills that haven't been bought up by a large corporation to stay open. Beartooth Basin is one of those hills that is still locally owned and operated. To keep themselves independent they are asking for a little assist for those that want to see this Montana summer gem keep operating.

For a good deal of the ski world, this is a destination that ends up on to-do lists. If you are part of that group you can head to the fundraising campaign page at to help out. 

Also, it should be noted that even if the fundraising doesn't bring in everything they have asked for, they are still going to open for the summer season on May 26. 


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