Cody Townsend and Bjarne Salen Are Heros -- The Pros Help Pull Of A Backcountry Rescue

Cody Townsend, a top name in big mountain skiing, started working on a video project called "The Fifty" this year in which he has challenged himself to ski every line from the book "Fifty Classic Descents of North America". During the filming of the seventh episode, Townsend and partner Bjarne Salen got into a little more than they had anticipated. They ended up being part of a big mountain rescue.

The story is very much an example of being in the right place at the right time. It is almost as if a higher power made sure Townsend and Salen were there just when they needed to be. In any case, it is a great story of the need to help out anytime that one is able and to make sure one knows what they are doing if they are going to be out in the high backcountry.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the full episode 7 of "The Fifty" from Cody Townsend, before he and Bjarne Salen became heroes.


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