Congratulations To Caribou, Maine For Breaking Their Snow Record

NWS Caribou, ME - Credit: US National Weather Service Caribou ME [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons
The winter of 2018/19 has been a record-setting season all over the United States. There have been reports of record snowfall totals, record days open for ski resorts, and records for time with snow on the ground. The National Weather Service Office in Caribou, Maine has announced a new record for that town, as well.

The previous record for this town was set in the winter of 2002/03 with 155 days with at least an inch of snow on the ground. Although this winter saw that record fall, it did not break the record for snow total. This winter sits in third place with 164.7 inches total for the year, with the record winter being 2007/08 with 197.8 inches.


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