Could We Be Skiing This Summer In NJ?

Credit: Brad Miller Millertime83 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
For anyone who has traveled I-95 through northern New Jersey or headed out to see a Giants game, you're sure to have seen this wonderful sloped building sitting there doing nothing. That is something that could change this summer...maybe.

The American Dream mall project considered an eyesore by some, has been a work in progress for over 15 years. Due to various business or financial issues, the property just couldn't seem to be finished. Although it has been promised before, this time it might actually open.

In a press release from American Dream, received yesterday, they spoke about winning the Developer of the Year award at the fourteenth annual Global RLI Awards, which is a wonderful feat considering the building is not open for business as of yet. 

That was mentioned later in the release, but with only a vague mention of the opening. According to the release the property should be open late summer of this year. That comes after missing an opening date set for last month. However, there were no other details, meaning there is no confirmation that the ski hill will be open with the rest of the facility.

Could we be skiing in NJ this summer? There is still no definitive answer to that question. With the multiple delays this project has had over the years, the proposed facility in Fairfax, VA could still be the first indoor facility in the U.S. However, if the American Dream opens this summer, with the ski hill ready to go as well, then NJ might have another summer destination other than the shore.


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