Did You Switch From A Snowboard To A Skateboard For The Summer? Are You This Creative?

Credit: Cekay [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
My skateboard experience was limited to pushing around the neighborhood and getting into downhill speed runs. Those experiences also didn't last long. I've never really been able to master any tricks no matter the discipline. The two riders in these videos have, though. For some of this stuff, I almost can't believe what I am seeing.

Now, when I say I almost can't believe it, I don't mean to sound overly dramatic or act as if my mind is blown. But, it's hard to see someone switch wheels mid-trick and not wonder how a person came up with the idea and how they are able to pull it off. Also, adding a chair into the mix was pretty sweet.

I think it can also be said that I come from a different time than these modern riders. Some of the stuff they are doing here, in my day, was only seen in some of the more cartoony video games. We didn't think it could be done in real life.

So, even with that said, I hope guys like these keep pushing the limits of creativity and what can be done. We'll all be here ready to watch it.


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