From Our Friends In The U.K. -- Man Skis Along A30 In Cornwall, England

Man Rollerskis A30 - Credit: Robert Fuller
It would seem the spring season is in full effect for our friends across the pond. Though, it also seems to be something out of the ordinary for our friends across the pond as well.

In a video that has been making its way around the internet, a man was spotted rollerskiing on the A30 in Cornwall.

Now, it has been reported by local media outlets as something of an oddity, though I'm not exactly sure what. Are rollerskis not as popular in the U.K. as they are here in the U.S.? Is A30 a major highway that this guy really shouldn't be on?

If there is someone out there that knows for sure, please let us know. For now, for your viewing pleasure, watch this man take a roundabout on rollerskis to the delight of the person taking the video.


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