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"Give At Least As Many High Fives As You Get" - Barney Stinson

Credit: Andri Ragettli/Instagram (@andriragettli)
For those of you familiar with the character quoted in the title, you know over the course of the T.V. show How I Met Your Mother that Barney Stinson felt the high five to be a very big deal. It would seem that skier Andri Ragettli thinks the same thing.

In an example of a high five that N.P.H.'s character would be proud, we see Ragettli leave a ramp at the Audi Nines, throw some spins and inversion, only to end with a HUGE high five to one of his buds.

I'm sure anyone could go back and be more specific about the trick. I'm fairly certain the rotation was around 900°, but let's be honest, the high five at the end is really what made the whole thing work. The rest was inconsequential.

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