Have A Look At At Two Sides Of Hannah Teter

As I take a second look at that title, it will almost come off as a pun after you watch the video, but that wasn't exactly what I meant to do.

Hannah Teter is an old school Olympic gold and silver medalist that came out during a time when women snowboarders were really starting to make a name for themselves. During this time she earned multiple X Games medals as well, meaning that it doesn't matter that she is a woman, she is just that good.

But, as some of these young athletes come to find out, she also quite attractive. I think that some could agree that she is rather hot. It could be argued that was one of the reasons that she was chosen to be in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010 along with three other winter sports stars, including ski superstar Lindsey Vonn.

Both of these assets, snowboarding talent and beauty, have made her super popular. For me, she is a Vermonter and that is more than enough. In any case, watch now a compilation of her snowboarding ability and modeling work.


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