Hiking This Summer? How About A Little Known Continuation Of The Appalachian Trail?

There have been many times I have found myself doing sections of some of the longer hiking trails we have in our country. I have done pieces of the Batona Trail in NJ and a part of the Long Trail in VT. Now, those aren't as well known as the Appalachian Trail, which I have done sections in NJ and VT as well. I found out today that there is a trail that is part of the Appalachian Trail but maybe lesser known like the other two mentioned.

In the article that I have linked below, the author talks about the International Appalachian Trail, a trail that continues from the Appalachian Trail we have all heard of, but continues into Canada and beyond.

The article talks about the beginnings of this trail, which was initially just a way to continue the Appalachian Trail from Mount Katahdin into Quebec and New Brunswick. It seems that when the idea was first tossed around that it was mostly in jest. But, 25 years later, it has become a reality that has spanned across the Atlantic Ocean.

One could ask how a trail named after the Appalachian Mountain Range could continue off the continent? Well, that has to do in part with a theory that the ranges that this trail span was connected during the days of the supercontinent. In the article one of those interviewed says that a person can actually see how this could be true, that the mountains and landscapes are very similar.

If you have hiked the AT or are interested in other trails, this would be a good read for you. It might even get you started on your next challenge. Doing a through hike on the AT, or even the LT, is a challenge enough, but consider being able to take that into Europe. It could be one heck of an adventure.

Just a concept 25 years ago, the International Appalachian Trail now crosses continents

Twenty-five years ago, three Mainers celebrated Earth Day by announcing a far-fetched idea that has since led them on a far-flung adventure, as their concept for the International Appalachian Trail made its way across the Atlantic Ocean. What started as a trail connecting Maine to Canada became a cooperative effort among hiking groups, rambling clubs and geologists in 13 countries.


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