Let's Watch A Young Woman Biff Because Of Improper Footwear

Having been in the outdoors quite a bit over the years, I have taken notice of how people just can't figure out the proper footwear for what they are doing. While I was living in Las Vegas a friend of mine and I would always marvel at the tourists that would be in a place like the Valley of Fire State Park with flip flops. It just isn't safe.

However, in this video, because of the way the woman is dressed, it could be as simple as a poorly prepared photographer who didn't think to tell the model to bring boots. I'm not sure why that scenario is the one that comes to mind, but it could at least be forgiven and called a mistake. It's more likely, though, that this is just a bad decision being made by people who don't understand ice. Either way, it's kind of a chuckle.


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