Once Again Swimsuit And Costume Clad Russians Take To The Slopes

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There are quite a few fans of skiing and snowboarding that are familiar with the BoogelWoogel festival that happens each year. But, that festival doesn't mark the end of the season. That festival is just for the fun of it and it's still pretty cold. For those looking for a little bit milder weather and to celebrate the coming of the spring, they wait for Grelka Fest!

Grelka Fest has been just over a week and a half of fun described as "The sun is like Thailand, the snow is like in Austria, the party is like in Ibiza!" and it seems to be a great way to celebrate the coming of the warmer spring days.

A good deal of the festival is like any other springtime ski party. There is music, costumes, pond skimming, and other activities of the sort. But there are also the bikini contests and skiing/riding sessions that these Russian events seem to be known for.

All in all, it's a party on the slopes, which might be worth traveling to one day. After all, one should always to open to broadening their horizons and experiencing a foreign culture.


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