Park City Locals -- After Today, Stay Off The Hills

Park City, UT - Credit: PeteysHead [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
At the end of the business day, Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort are shutting down operations for the winter. After reading an article on, it seems that once they close down for the winter there is no uphill access at all.

Being a Vermont local this grabbed my attention. That is something one didn't have to worry about all that much. Several of our mountains are located on state or federal public land. There are exceptions to that of course, but for the most part, a person can head up a hill with no issue.

In the article by James Hoyt (@jamesjhoyt), he does write that resort officials want the mountains to stay clear so they can set up for summer operations and with that is an issue of safety. That is all to be expected, of course. Also, if that land is owned by the resort they can enforce that.

I think the real bummer is that the snow there will not be going away anytime soon and it just stinks that lifts aren't going to be turning. That goes double with some many other places extending seasons well into the spring and summer.

In the end, it is probably better to not hike up those local hills, Park City. But, I still feel bad for you having to look up there, see all that snow, and not be able to get at it.

After lifts stop turning, uphilling Park City's ski resorts is a no-no

On Sunday, April 7, the chairlifts of Park City will stop turning, but snow may not necessarily stop falling.


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