Summer Snowboard Training? -- WATCH -- "How To Cab 180 In On A Training Snowboard" from Snowboard Addiction

Although the snow is melting and the mountains are starting to close in some areas, that doesn't mean you have to stop working on your abilities during the offseason. Now, for most of us that will just mean tailoring our workouts to be ready for the next season. But, there are others that will continue to work on technique or learning something mew. That is where this video comes in handy.

From the folks over at Snowboard Addiction comes a short video about training for a new trick when there is no snow. It's a great idea and it's put together well. For some, this might be too easy, and that's fine. For others, this will take all summer and then most of the winter to actually get right. In either case, it really is a great example of what can be done on the grass, even if that is in your own backyard.


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