The Mount Snow Minute Blooper Reel -- Shout Out To My Home Mountain

Kelsey From "Mount Snow Minute" - Credit: Mount Snow/Facebook (@MountSnowVermont)
For those who noticed when I have mentioned it, I grew up in Vermont and Mount Snow was my home mountain for most of that. I lived near there, worked there for many years, and even met an Olympic medalist there. So, because of nostalgia, and a true joy from skiing that hill, I have always continued to follow the mountain and what they have been up to.

With that, I also began watching the "Mount Snow Minute" series starring Kelsey. This series is all about the goings on of the mountain, ranging from the weather to events and some things in between. Each episode has all the information one could ever use when visiting Mount Snow, Vermont.

But, as the end of the ski season comes to a close, the folks over at Mount Snow have put together a montage of the host at her finest. Enjoy the blooper reel and if you ski or ride Mount Snow, watch the series. You'll always be up to date on what's going on at one of the finest hills in Vermont.


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