The Skiing Financial News -- Peak Resorts Declares Quarterly Cash Dividends Of 7¢ Per Share

Credit: AhmadArdity [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
For those of you who have not only invested in day tickets but have also gone in on Peak Resorts stock, the pay off is coming soon.

In a press release from Peak Resorts, Inc. (NASDAQ:SKIS), the company is reporting a quarterly cash dividend of $0.07 per outstanding share of its common stock.

This dividend will be payable on May 10, 2019, to common shareholders of record as of April 25, 2019, according to the press release. It has also been reported that this "...represents an annualized yield of 5.9% based on the $4.75 per share closing price of the Company’s stock on April 9, 2019".

As trading began today, April 10, 2019, Peak Resorts, Inc. started at a price of $4.71.


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