There Maybe Some Good From All The Snow Melt -- A Great Whitewater Season

Credit: Keith Parker [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
As the snow melts a skier turns to depression and sadness as they now have to wait months before the winter returns. That might be a little dramatic, but the point holds. For those skiers and riders that aren't able to get to summer ski areas, it can kind of blow.

So, we turn to other outdoor sports to pass the time between seasons. In this article from the Boston Herald, they point out a sport that could have a baning season post-winter.

Though this article speaks to those who are local to or plan on traveling to Maine, I'm sure it will hold true for a large amount of the country. All of the snow melt could make for a long and wonderful season of whitewater boating. With such a wet early season here in New England, all of the snow is flowing right into the rivers. The more the water flows, the more rapids there are to ride.

Heavy snow melt = great whitewater rafting season

Northeast Whitewater in Shirley Mills, Maine, runs rafting adventures, for the most part, on three Maine Rivers: the Dead River, the Penobscot River and the Kennebec River. They are anticipating great rides, lots of rapids and even extended time on rafting rides this year.


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