Three Of The World's Top Mountaineers Presumed Dead In Canadian Avalanche

Map Of Banff National Park - Credit: User:AudeVivere [CC BY-SA 2.5],
via Wikimedia Commons
It is being reported that three internationally known, world-class mountaineers may have been killed in an avalanche near Howse Peak in Banff National Park.

As reported by Parks Canada, the three men started their ascent on Tuesday, April 16, but failed to check in the following day. After being reported overdue helicopters made a search of the area and found evidence of an avalanche with equipment scattered amongst the debris.

"Based on the assessment of the scene, all three members of the party are presumed to be deceased," was said in the release by Parks Canada.

In a social media post by The North Face the three men have been identified as David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansj√∂rg Auer.

It has also been confirmed by the release from Parks Canada that a further investigation will be conducted, however, recovery operations have been postponed due to the danger in the area.


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