Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise Sets Highest Quarterpipe Jump Record

It was at the Audi Nines event that David Wise set a new record for highest jump out of a quarterpipe this past Monday.

The halfpipe specialist took to a ramp that half the size to pull off a jump that looked as if he was trying to reach orbit. The skier went to 38 feet 4 inches (11.7 meters) from the top of a ramp that he helped design. This breaks the previous record of  35 feet 5 inches (10.8 meters) set in 2008 by Simon Dumont.

Taking a look at the video might not to this feat total justice, but it is something to be marveled at. As you can see, Wise transitions to a landing ramp, which helps make for a safer completion of the jump.

All kinds of respect and congratulations to Mr. Wise. That was absolutely ridiculous!


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