WATCH -- "Crash Reel: Real Ski 2019 | World of X Games"

For those who are not familiar with the Real Ski competition, it is a part of the X Games that consists of top urban skiers putting together video edits. These shorts are then judged not only by a panel of judges like a live event but by the fans as well.

Featured in this video is a montage of the skiers that took part in the competition for 2019, but not a montage celebrating the wonderful films that were put together. It celebrates some of the footage that hit the cutting room floor, mainly because each of the athletes was hitting the ground.

It is a testament to the danger of the sport of skiing and to the toughness of each of the athletes. Also, who doesn't like to watch a blooper reel? I mean, that's what this really comes down to. Luckily, none of these fine urban skiers got seriously injured and put out some beautiful films, all of which are still available at  and the X Games YouTube channel.


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