You Can Keep Après Ski Themed To Winter Sports -- Ice Luge!!!

Credit: Tipsy Bartender/Facebook (@TipsyBartender)
For a large number of those who partake in ski adventures, après ski is just about as important as being on the slopes. For the friends of those people that don't ski, it's the only part of going to the slopes.

Now, I know this is nothing new. There have been bars all over the world during all four seasons that have had an ice luge set up, but luge is a winter sport, so it works for Ski Rex.

From the wonderful folks over at Tipsy Bartender comes a product test of what appears to be a home kit. It could be great for to stash in the car for that next ski trip when you don't want to go to the bar, you do want to get drunk after riding, and you want to keep it themed to the winter sports world we all know and love.


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